In this Video I try to provide some useful tips for creating Great Video Instructables, and avoid common mistakes.

Awesome video. I think I'll try one based on your tips. Thanks again!
this is ironic. great instructavid.
I am sure that took an extensive amount of time, thank you for the effort and I enjoyed it.
Step 10 is the most important! <br><br>Great video ! <br><br>The reflection of the light in the top left is distracting. Minor though, thanks for the vid.
Thanks, Yes. What was happening was that the camera's auto-adjust feature was taking over and could make a desicion on how to expose for that area, so it keeps switching back a forth. <br>The answer was to turn the camera onto Manual mode, and control the shutter speed and aperture manualy.<br><br>Unfotunately I didn't notice till halfway through the shoot.
Amen and amen. <br>I'm at my wit's end (that didn't take long) to try and get the stupid uploader to youtube or vimeo working properly. <br>To everyone out there, The video will be available soon. <br>I shall win!
I have a tip: never publish an instructable still not finished (I say it by my experience)

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