Personally, I’m not crazy about stuff, that’s used once, for cleaning, then, it’s thrown away.  To me it is an extra expense, that isn’t necessary.  I have had this Swifter handle for years, unused because I refuse to buy more disposable covers.  Then I came across a picture on pintrest, of a reusable cover someone has created to sale.  If you don’t want to make your own, go here http://www.etsy.com/listing/56270051/washable-hand-duster-refill-for-swiffer to buy some from an Etsy shop.  They would love your business.  Anyway, I have a hard time buying something I can make myself, so here is my attempt to show you “How to Make “Green” Swifter Duster Covers”.

Step 1:

Picture of
Anti pill fleece (your choice of color, I will use the blue I already have)
Paper scissors
Sewing scissors
Sewing machine
Supernerd Sven made it!4 months ago

Nice!! I made a printable version on the computer. If you give me your e-mail I'd be happy to send it to you! Otherwise, I can simply make another Instructable and credit you with providing the instructions that started me with this in the introduction.

danlynne072 years ago
ok... so i had my mother in law teach me how to sew because of your instructable. thank you. i am not that great at it but i made these dusters and i love them. thanks again for sharing.
danlynne073 years ago
wow that's awesome.i wish i could sew....i would "sew" do this.lol.

i have been checking out your instructables, you are very creative. you have alot of useful info.thank you for sharing.