My wife and I were throwing an Oscar party. And we needed to serve at least one foodthing that our guests would remember, since neither we nor the oscars are ever that memorable. So the search began.

And it abruptly ended with the realization: we're both gummy fiends. We pray to the church of Haribo. We embrace worms and bears and often swap their body parts. Our party's secret ingredient was evident:

Gummy + Oscars = Gummy Red Carpet.

2 small boxes of Jello
6 packets unflavored gelatin (there are 4 packets per box)
1/2 cup water
A pot
Something non-stick -- a silpat/silicone baking mat, wax paper, etc...

Step 1: First, Get Jello and Lots of Plain Gelatin

I first tried 1 jello box to 7 gelatin packets, which equals 8 parts gelatiny things. The flavor was weak. So I replaced one unflavored gelatin itemproduct with one flavored product to make it a a 2-6 flavored-unflavored ratio.

Is it just me or do they taste a bit bland-ish?
I found them to be too bland and chewy. I am going to use a 3 flavored to 4-5 unflavored ratio with 2/3 cups of water. I am also going to use a pre made bean shaped jello "Jiggler" mold. I will update with my results.
blooming the jello/ gelatin in water helps reduce clumping and reduces the melting time.
Does it taste like the real stuff? Try adding a small amount of citric acid if you feel as though it is missing a bit of bite. Great Instructable, Great Pictures.
more bite? try hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. get the concentrated kind.<br />
O.o Sulfuric Acid?! o.O
This is a great Instructables i will try to make one if i have time. what would happen if i reduce the content like dividing them by 2 so i can just try some<br />
Now i just need to make Jello People, Jello Cars, and a jello building. WOOT
Thanks for the Information, Yay! I like to do something with this n_n
does it have to be powdered stuff
What is that silicon mat thingy from France? Looks cool. I want.
It's a sil-pat. It's used frequently in professional kitchens. You can substitute it for parchment paper. It's available from restaurant supply stores and occasionally from home goods stores. Be sure to get one sized for your baking pans, because the professional ones are sized for restaurant sheet pans.
I love this! "I made cherry...and blacker cherry." lol
Thank you for this! I'm definitely going to make this with the kid.
Wow. Did you dust the strips with anything to stop them sticking to each other? L
I had actually sprayed the wax paper/silicone baking mat with pam, so I'm sure some of the residual oil kept them from sticking. Really wasn't a problem though. THanks for reading?
Alcoholic red carpet anyone?

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