Rinas family and I invited homemade soap master over to our house.She showed us how to make our own very special honey soap. its a great idea for Christmas/Holiday gift. Martha Stewart's gonna be freaking proud of Rina.
<p>please be kind to your english fans and tell the measurements in english..:)</p>
<p> thanks for the feed back..wish you and your family well bro..</p>
<p>im intrested in your bee hives and how they are set up or built.....u should do a instructable on them....be awsome!</p>
http://youtu.be/xR3b3HQ5z4w<br><br>hey thanks for the comment. heres a video i made while back<br>its how to havest honey video. maybe this will help you out<br><br>best!
I agree, it needs to be in English as well. Please!
Great work! <br>Please, can you write the instructions in english? <br>I cant' understand some steps

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