How to Make Homemade Croissants


Step 12: Cutting the Triangles

Picture of Cutting the Triangles
Yay!! We're getting closer and closer to those yummy croissants! Now the dough is ready to cut the triangles which will form the croissants..

If you look at the closely, you'll see that the notches on the far side (the first notchings) are for the bases of the triangles and the notches on the near side form the tips of the triangles (the second notchings). Use a large knife to cut the triangles by connecting the notches on the near and far sides. Six to seven full triangles (5 by 6 1/2-inches to be exact) should be formed. You'll be left with some leftover dough as well. I used the leftovers to form mini-croissants (which were adorable!).

Repeat the notching and the cutting with the second rectangle (don't forget about that one). You should have double the triangles after you finished cutting now. :)