How to Make Homemade Fried Chicken

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This is the easiest and most delicious fried chicken to ever make!  If you follow this recipe, you will have perfect fried chicken every time.  The secret is in the buttermilk.  This is a recipe I have known by heart that has been passed down by family and never written down until now.

For a four person serving, you will need:

4 fresh, deboned chicken breasts
2 cups buttermilk
3 cups flour
A few pinches of seasoning to add to the flour such as pepper
1 1/2 32oz bottles vegetable oil (do not substitutie any other kind of oil)

Large stock pot for oil
Metal tongs
Large plastic cutting board
Large sharp knife
Divided container to put buttermilk, flour and coated chicken in (or three separate bowls for each)
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Step 1:

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Step One:

Gently pour 1 1/2 bottles of vegetable oil into a cold stock pot.  Place the stock pot on a stove burner and turn heat to medium high.  The oil will heat while you prepare the chicken.

CAUTION:  NEVER LEAVE A POT OF HEATING OIL UNATTENDED ON THE STOVE!  This is to prevent accidents and possible fire.

Step 2:

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Step Two:

Cut off all extra fat on the chicken so that it will be the best quality you can have.  Then cut the chicken into strips.  Depending on breast size and individual preference, each breast can be cut into several (2-3) strips.

Step 3:

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Step Three: 

This part can get messy!  Take each individual chicken strip and and dip it into the buttermilk, then into the flour with seasoning .  Then place it in the third container.  It is vital to do the buttermilk first so the flour sticks to the chicken strip to make the delicious outer coating.  Also, the buttermilk helps makes the chicken have a wonderful flavor.

You will get buttermilk and flour all over your hands, so when you are done with this step, just wash your hands.
Pippin232 years ago
Awesome fried chicken! I'm not much of an experienced cook and I tried this recipe because it looked easy. The steps were easy to follow too. The chicken came out exactly like the last photo. Very tasty! Thanks get buckets.
get buckets (author)  Pippin232 years ago
You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it. I like to make it even when we go camping. Get buckets.
dbk06062 years ago
What a great chicken strip! This will be our family's favorite recipe for years to come. Thanks for sharing get buckets.
get buckets (author)  dbk06062 years ago
You're welcome. Enjoy! Get buckets.
5Sul12AL2 years ago
It was helpful to have the ingredients photographed so it will be easy to try. Thanks buckets
get buckets (author)  5Sul12AL2 years ago
Thanks. Hope the fried chicken came out ok! Get buckets