How to Make Homemade Ketchup and Can it

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Nothing is tastier than homemade ketchup. The flavours EXPLODE in your mouth leaving your taste buds watering for more. Sweet, tangy and mouth watering , you will never look at store bought ketchup again. This is a recipe I modified from a blog called Local Kitchen, I've been using it for over a year now and my husband and oldest daughter beg me every year to make More, more more. This is a long process, but I guarantee it will be worth all your hard work. 

Since I never seem to make enough ketchup for them & to give some as gifts, this year I got smart and grew 9 tomato plants, but apparently Mother Nature had other plans and I've only recieved 1 small tomato(see arrow below in pic). Luckily, I happened upon a fantastic deal. Now normally, I would reccomend buying  from a farmer's market or atleast local if you can't grow your own. But... I am also a bargin hunter and found a fantastic deal that I just couldn't pass up and it saved ketchup this year! I came upon, "Made in the US, pesticide free on the vine tomatoes" & at 79 cents a pound...  So I purchased 24 pounds costing me only around $20.00

**Please Note: During the canning process(step 7) pic backgrounds vary because I made 2 batches of ketchup, taking pics of what I forgot to take during the first batch. Canning is a fast paced process as you will learn. If you are confused by any pictures, please feel free to ask questions.
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cray19551 month ago

I am not quite a beginner but am a beginner with catsup. I like your directions, they are concise and well written.

Does one actually need to use 1/2pint or could this be done with 1pint or larger jars??
straycatmeow (author)  gblackheart1 year ago
Gblackheart- I don't recommend using larger jars. I am not sure just how long you can keep opened homemade ketchup in your fridge. We always use an opened jar within a month & have had no problems.I also like to pour the homemade ketchup into an empty, well rinsed store bought ketchup bottle. This helps from contamination(no one sticking/double dipping a knife into the jar). Keeping a huge amount of ketchup that will not be consumed in a timely manner could result in serious health problems. And as always when using homemade jellies, jams, ketchups,etc.. ALWAYS inspect the contents before using each time. Never use anything that smells funny, has mold or is questionable. If you would still like to use larger jars, please check the web for more information before doing so. I hope this has helped