In the colder months, I know everyone loves to cozy up by a nice hot fire and have a warm, comforting drink in their hands. Hot cocoa is great most of the time, but sometimes we want something a little stronger. Whether it's heating things up with a loved one by the fire, or having a small get together at your house, hot buttered rum is the perfect drink to warm up to.

Making your own hot buttered rum batter is much less expensive than buying store batters. Plus, you can change it up to match your own taste buds. If you would like to share your love for hot buttered rum, you can jar up your batter and give it to friends as gifts!

If you have kids or don't drink alcoholic beverages, you can also make a virgin version of this comforting drink!

Step 1: Tools

You will need:
-Large pot
-Small pot
-Mixing bowls
-Mixing spoons
-Measuring cups/spoons
-Shot glass
-Your favorite glasses or mugs

Tastes great!
<p>Quite the recipe! Nice job :)</p>

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