Introduction: How to Make Hungarian Style Pancakes

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Hello people! This is the first time you've seen me in the food section. What I always do with pancakes is I put chocolate powder on it and I roll it up into a roll. They are scrumptiously delicious and I love them and I hope that you do too!

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Step 1: Ingredients

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These are what you will need for the pancakes:

Ingredients:                                                                   Utensils:
1-2 eggs*                                                            1 frying pan (like where you fry your eggs)*

10-12 tablespoons of flour*                                 pancake turner*

500ml of milk*                                                      measuring jug (at least 1l has to "fit")*

pinch of salt*                                                        mixer*

2 tablespoons of sugar*                                       dipper (soup-ladle)*                       

topping (I did chocolate powder)                          serving plate

vanilla essence

olive / sunflower oil*

*= you need this item

Step 2: Add the Egg

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Simple step, just crack an egg and get it into your jug. Just in case you don't know how(although that is highly unllikely), follow the steps!

Step 3: Add Some Ingredients

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Here you will add some more ingredients like salt and some vanilla essence.

Step 4: Milk and Flour

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Add the milk and the flour in this step. You will need to put 10-12 tablespoons of flour and 500 ml of milk.

Step 5: Mixing It Together

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In this step, you will mix the mixture together, ready to be finished in the final step!

Step 6: Cooking the Pancakes

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Now, we'll cook them! Put your cooker onto a medium heat. Get the frying pan out and put a small bit of oil onto it.

Step 7: Toppings

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Finally, you will finnish of in this step and roll it up with toppings to make true Hungarian pancakes!

Well done for making them! I Found it quite hard when I made them the first time, but now I feel like a professional! Thank you for looking at my instructable, and stay tune for more Hungarian vegetarian food!


Centure (author)2013-11-02

Fellow Hungarian... and you have the same name as me... We will succeed well in life together.

BalintRules (author)2010-12-14

Next I might make some other dessert called a : kuglóf
I dont know the recipie but my mum does!

Sorunome (author)2010-12-13

Look nice!! :D

BalintRules (author)Sorunome2010-12-13


lemonie (author)2010-12-12

Nice-looking pancake, have you thought about making chocolate-sauce for these?

BalintRules (author)lemonie2010-12-12

nice idea, i might make some sauce once thanks

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