Introduction: How to Make Hunting Crossbow at Home

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We'll create a hunting crossbow from popsicle sticks, very easy. Let's begin

Step 1:

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Attach 2 popsicle sticks together

Step 2:

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Do step 1 again and attach 2 sticks by 2 single stick like picture

Step 3:

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Attach the remains by single stick to be nice

Step 4:

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Create a trigger by pen before cut it

Step 5:

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A trigger after cut the remains wood

Step 6:

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Make a trigger and drill a hole

Step 7:

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Do the same on the stick

Step 8:

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Attach a trigger to stick by a round toothpick

Step 9:

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Cut the remains by cutting pliers

Step 10:

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Create a body of crossbow

Step 11:

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Wrapping rubber band at the terminator of the body

Step 12:

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Attach a single stick inner the rubber band

Step 13:

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Do step 12 again with the remains terminator

Step 14:

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Attach wire of crossbow

Step 15:

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Create a connector at the first stick

Step 16: ​Create a Stock of Crossbow

Picture of ​Create a Stock of Crossbow

Create a stock of crossbow

Step 17:

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Cover the trigger by a single stick

Step 18:

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Attach body to stock

Step 19:

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Pull the wire of crossbow to try tension of crossbow

Step 20: Complete

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