How to Make Hydrogen Gas and Run a Car





Introduction: How to Make Hydrogen Gas and Run a Car

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At first i make a 12 plates hydrogen generator which run my car and motorbike

For this project you need some materials:

1. Stainless steel 20 pis

2. Stainless nuts

3. A glass jar

5. elbow

6. PVC pipes

All the instruction attach and 6 cups water with solt

Step 1:

Watch this video for details



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    Please provide details. This is not sufficient to understand your project construction, operation, use for a car power source, etc.

    2 replies

    Mr thinker my complete projects about this is coming soon. Thanks to your support

    you can see the details go to this link

    It can be done more or less exactly as you show but beware, hydrogen causes embrittlement in steel and will eventually cause your engine to fail.