I made a key-ring tag this time!!
So as it is easy, please challenge!!

Step 1: Cut Leather along a Template

I cut leather along a template.
When I cut the part of the curve, I cut to turn a template.
I can easily cut the one!!
<p>there is a art work in your craft nice </p>
<p>Thank you for comment! I want to make it in various ways from now on!</p>
<p>Very nice. Where is a good place to get leather like this to use?</p>
You can find leather and tools online at Tandy Leather.
<p>I bought this leather in a wholesale dealer!</p>
<p>Beautiful instructable. It inspired me to use some of my scrap leather to make a key fob for myself. </p>
<p>I am glad to say like that!! I want to challenge various manufacturing too!!</p>
<p>Really great intractable, it's been a long time since I have made some of these, I almost forgot about them, thank you </p>
<p>Thank you for comment!! I want to make it a lot from now on!</p>
<p>Cool! Nice use of fork :)</p>
<p>Unfortunately a lot seems to be lost in translation (and this tutorial was ripped from a book). That's a pricking iron (stitching chisel) manufacturing only for leatherworking. It puts diamond shaped holes a certain spacing from eachother.</p>
<p>Also, it becomes a great stress reliever as well!!</p>
<p>I made a gif :)</p>
<p>Oh!! It is great!! I am interested in gif!!</p>
<p>Thank you very much!!</p>
<p>that's very neat design</p>
<p>It is very useful!! I like it!</p>
<p>Nice project! Wish I had a punch like that. Does it pierce both sides at once?</p>
<p>Thank you for comment!!! Yes,it pierce both sides at once!!</p>
Beautiful design, lovely photography. Thanks for the great tutorial!
<p>I am glad that you say like that!! I want to make it a lot from now on!!</p>

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