Introduction: How to Make L293D Motor Driver Board

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Hello Guys, In this instructable I will instruct you how to make your own L293D driver board with less number of components which will also compatible with all development boards.

Here is some intro about L293D IC

L293D is a motor driver IC that can drive two motor simultaneously. L293D IC is a dual H-bridge motor driver IC. One H-bridge is capable to drive a dc motor in bidirectional. L293D IC is a current enhancing IC as the output from the sensor is not able to drive motors itself so L293D is used for this purpose. L293D is a 16 pin IC having two enables pins which should always be remain high to enable both the H-bridges.

Now lets start our process !

Step 1: Components Required

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Copper Clad [Banggood]

16 pin IC socket [Banggood]

L293D IC [Banggood]

Terminal Blocks [Banggood]

Male Header Pins [Banggood]

Step 2: Watch Video First!

The video gives you all the information you need to build your own L293D motor driver board. During the next steps however I will present you some additional information to make the project even simpler.

Step 3: Circuiting

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Here you can find the circuit and pcb layout to make L293D driver board.

You can see my PCB traces and it is easy to understand while making.

First clean the copper clad and mark the layout and etch it.

Place all the components on the PCB according to schematic.

Solder all the components carefully.

Step 4: You Made It!

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That's all guys you made it.

Feel free to comment.
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