Picture of How to Make LED Circuit Board Earrings

These days technology is becoming more and more integrated into our lives. I'm not talking about smart phones, or wi-fi hot spots. I'm talking about seamless integration into our daily lives in ways we don't even notice. One of those ways is through the use of conductive fabrics and threads. Also known as soft circuitry.

One of the ways I get my middle school students interested in technology is by showing them some of the ways that technology is used for fashion. Videos and pictures are nice and all, but I wanted to make something real that the students could see and touch. I've made several little soft circuit "wearables" to show my class, but I wanted something with a bit more... edgy. Or at least some middle school edgy.

One night I came up with this crazy idea to make some earrings. Why, I don't know. It's not like I wear them or anything. I was just looking at some little round perf boards when it occurred to me that they'd be awesome as earrings, and the larger ones as necklaces. Something a bit cyber punk in nature.

And in case you were wondering, that is how I (of all people) came up with this simple design for some LED Earrings.

(Also this is an entry for the instructables 2012 LED contest. You should totally vote for us so we can have a light switch rave in our basement.)

gschoppa1 month ago

Very cool. I plan to make them with my middle schoolers next year. Thanks for the great instructions.

jonrb2 years ago
Great idea!
For health reasons it might be a good idea to plastic-coat them or use RoHS solder - The last thing anybody wants is lead poisoning. I'm sure a thin coating of hot glue could work quite well. I'd also love to see somebody use a small Arduino to expand on this!
try using surface mount leds . they can be bought in different sizes as well. also use silver flux no lead poisoning at all. unless yr affected by silver. if u are u need to see a doctor fast.
nerd74732 years ago
I may make these
17maya2 years ago
Hi, I'm going to try and make these, are there any suggestions to what not to do? Did you make any mistakes that you want to make sure I don't?
mahsa arian3 years ago
good idea :-)
binoyxj3 years ago
Indeed an awesome gift for my geeky girl. But surface mount LEDs would look much geekier IMO. Thanks for sharing.
JoshuaZimmerman (author)  binoyxj3 years ago
For sure they would, but a whole lot more difficult for most people.