Introduction: How to Make LED Illusion Mirror Using CD at Home

Picture of How to Make LED Illusion Mirror Using CD at Home

Hello World Today iam With My New Random Weekend Project i.e LED Illusion Mirror Built Using CD

The Project Is Really Fun And Very Easy To Make

Uses:Can be used for Decorations,as a Fancy Light and Bedroom Light..Please continue reading

Step 1: Video for Those Who Hate Reading!!!

Recommended to Watch Video Because It Shows The Illusions

Step 2: Required Materials

Picture of Required Materials

  • Battery
  • Battery Holder
  • Switch
  • Superglue
  • Cardboard Stripes
  • LED Strip
  • Hot Glue
  • Patience!!!!

Step 3: Building Phase 1

Picture of Building Phase 1

Ive Used 2 CD's To Increase The Thickness Of Body(to Stick Cardboard Stripes To CD)

  • Using Superglue 2 CD's are Coupled Together
  • Edges Are Glued And Cardboard Stripes Are Glued
  • LED Strip Is Attached To Inside Layer Of Attached Cardboard
  • Last Ends are Hot Glued

Step 4: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

Terminals of LED are Connected to Battery and Switch and The Gadjet is Ready To Rock!!

Step 5: See the End Part of Video to Check Its Illusions

ThankYou :)


imcp1024 (author)2017-08-25

I like it. Eversince buying my first CD I've been mesmerized by the way that they refract light.

ROBO HUB (author)imcp10242017-08-25

That's great!!

cavik (author)2017-08-24

It is difficult to tell from the video - but what color LED strip did you use? White?

ROBO HUB (author)cavik2017-08-24

White :)

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