This is a guide to make an LED flashing circuit that "beats" to an mp3 file on your computer, which can add an awesome effect to any sound-related device, or even your room (if you extend the concept with LED drivers or plenty of resistors/transistors).

The LED flashing circuit makes use of the Minim audio library and the Arduino program Processing to analyze sound, producing a response based on a snare drum hit, a bass drum hit, and a hi-hat hit from the percussion of the audio file.

Schritt 1: Parts/Tools Needed

Here is what you'll need to make the LED beat flashing circuit:

1. An Arduino microcontroller board. There are many versions of the Arduino, but I would recommend the Arduino Duemilanove. You can buy one online for around $20.
2. Three LEDs (different colors preferred, so you can see the difference in beats easier - I used a red, yellow, and green LED)
3. Three resistors (depending on your LEDs, the resistor value will be different - check the ratings on the LEDs to see what resistance corresponds to their maximum brightness, without burning them out)
4. A solderless breadboard
5. Some wire, to use as leads from the Arduino to the LEDs/resistors on the breadboard
6. A computer
7. A USB cable (A to B)

1. Arduino Software Environment
2. Processing Software Environment
3. The "arduino" library for Processing
4. The BeatWrite / BeatListener code from the minim JavaSound library examples

Download links for the software will follow in Step 3.

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