Step 7: Paint the Stones...

After you have placed your painting shield over the stone, lay your
doily of choice on top of the stone and give it a good coating of spray paint.
Be sure to focus on the tiny holes, but don't hold the paint too close, or there
will be blobs seeping underneath. A light mist around the edge, then the center,
then back around again, giving good coverage, but not too heavy.

Allow the paint to dry a bit, then carefully lift the doily out of the way, draping it
over something to allow any residual paint to dry on the doily.

Paint each stone, being careful not to step on them until they are completely dry.
I love this instructable. Truly ingenious. Has such an idea ever been marketed before? I know I never saw any glow in the dark stepping stones yet. The closest I ever got to glow in the dark was taking pics of my doggies with my thermal camera. Too bad my doggies would be unwilling stepping stones. Great work wuvie!
<p>Hi there! <br><br>Thank you for your wonderful compliments! I would garner there have been many people who may have thought of such a project before, but it was new to my train wreck of a brain. LOL. <br><br>I believe there are glow-in-the-dark products out there, but they are likely not within my budget. I tend to make a lot of things from what is lying around the house, and I just happened to have some leftover paint from a project when my kids were younger. <br><br>Wow, I love the thermal images, that is so cool!</p>
The passion you put into your projects. No chance your mind is a wreck.
<p>LOL, funny you should say that. My mind actually IS a wreck. It switches from one thing to the next, and it doesn't take much for my brain to be on high, full of excitement. Try as I might to sleep, ideas and projects are always in a traffic jam in the middle of the night. :-)</p>
Its the same with me. We are definitely not wrecks.
<p>You know, I actually ran across another one of 'us' on Instructables. He even mentions taking medication for his incessantly bountiful mind of ideas. I'll try to find him again, but can't remember his name right off the top of my head. It will come to me in the middle of the night, likely. Ha!</p>
My medication is heavy weights and hard exercise. After that at night I'm out but do solve problems in my dreams.
<p>What an amazing idea. I need to try this.</p>
<p>Susan, thank you so much! </p>
I have a question? Are they slippery after they are painted? Could they be used as a pathway to a swimming pool?<br>Thanks!
<p>Hmm. Well, in the case of my stones, the tops are not overly smooth to begin with, and there is only a light coating of paint. I would imagine there is a type of paint that could be used near a pool that might offer a bit of texture, which might help to prevent slips and falls. If I was going to place steps near a pool, though, I would use larger stones, which might steer potential hop-scotchers from jumping stone to stone. :-)</p>
<p>This just gives me another choice to make stepping stones. I love what you did! Thank you for sharing :)</p>
I'm amazed! <br> <br> I told some people about doing this right after I saw your work. They had just put a walkway and they were skeptical to the idea because they thought it would look corny, <br> <br> So I showed them your pics. They were sold on it because they used the same stone in your examples. <br> <br>I am looking into the glow in the dark paint. I was even thinking of painting the address number on the driveway with the doily design and glow in the dark numbers over it. <br> <br> My issue is finding an assortment of vinyl/plastic doilies at a fair price. I also don't want to ruin those really nice lace ones. Any retailers you are privy to for doilies? <br> <br>Thanks again for sharing..
Dollar stores, free cycle, Salvation Army are good starts to find vinyl mats.
Hello Samgo, <br> <br>Thank you so much for such kind compliments! Oh, indeed, if I had doily sources, I would surely share them. Unfortunately, I only 'happened' upon this one at a second hand store, which I frequent. :-) <br> <br>You might watch out for them at yard sales, dollar stores and such. Our Walmart used to carry an assortment of lacy table covers, but now they are rather plain and ordinary. <br> <br>Keep in touch, and let us know how your house numbers go. <br> <br>:-) Karen
<p>Great idea and looks fabulous! Here's my 2 cents for the pot: One Halloween we used glow in the dark paint to paint faces on fake pumpkins. Of course we didn't use a shield while painting so got paint on the front porch. My 8 year old was helping and I didn't realize until later we also ended up with paint footprints the length of the sidewalk. We didn't have any solvent handy so just scrubbed the front porch spots as much as we could with a brush. The night of Halloween the trick or treaters all raved about the cool footprints leading them to our front door! LOL We decided not to wash away the footprints. After two years, the unscrubbed footprints on the sidewalk wore away but the scrubbed spots on the porch remained for more than 5 years. Scrubbing the wet paint made the paint sink further into the concrete and eliminated any paint sitting on top. The sidewalk footprints were all sitting on top of the concrete and wore away quickly.</p>
<p>What a great idea' Have to try it ' Thank you (:</p>
<p>very nice!</p>
<p>Fantastic! I want to try this now! :D</p>
Great Project, I loved it
Looks really professional.
Pretty! <br>
Thank you so much, Wowie!
Great idea and a neat look. Haunt thrift stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army stores for lace curtains, doilies and lace fabric.
Such a great idea!!! Thanks!!
Congratulations! Your creativity is astonishing!
Wow, that is quite a compliment coming from you, Creativeman! <br>You make my head swell! Thank you!
Well Done!
Rune Cutter, thank you! I truly appreciate the compliment!
Wow, FANTASTIC project! We've been talking about doing something with paving stones in our back yard, and I think we may have to adopt this technique for some of it. The final result is very striking!
Thank you so much! It has really changed the look of the corner of our yard. I've since incorporated the idea into several places about the gardens. It is so much fun deciding on colors, shapes, etc.
High-FIVE Wuvie! I love everything about this instructable!!!
Baja, Wow, coming from you, I am beaming with happy! Thank you so much!
How do you get 36000 views in only 7 days??? <br>Wow, baffles me!
Oh, that's easy. Just post the Colonel's eleven secret herbs and spices in the text somewhere...LOL. ;-)
I did do that, with no luck! <br>I must have missed a ingredient!
Hi there! Thank you so much!
cool idea, I like it. I'm thinking you could use leaves and vegetation instead of a doily also maybe.
Thank you so much! Love the mention of leaves and vegetation - fern leaves would be gorgeous!
Great idea, lookf fantastic! How about using old lace material, curtains, etc. Auto paint customizers have used this for effect for years!
Hi Simpleman, thank you so much!
had todig through the comments to make sure the old school airbrush art thing was covered. ;)
Oh, yes, lace material, curtains, etc. would be wonderful. Anything you are willing to sacrifice, as the item will become coated with paint. I'm very curious as to whether I can soak the vinyl placemat to remove the paint, though. I think it will work. :-)
Be careful of what solvents you use. The same ones that dissolve paint sometimes also have a chemical reaction with the vinyl.
Hi Silver! Oh, definitely. I'm just going to use hot, soapy water. :-)
So why not plant vinca major?? It's a nice groundcover! ;-)
LOL. Oh, it is nice. It is pretty. It is determined. <br> <br>Very determined.
My husband uses Simple Green to soak paint off of his plastic and resin miniatures when he doesn't like the paint job.
Dlebrun, that is a great idea, thank you!

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