I made the game that I used 12 LED for using breadboard and ATtiny13a.
I can buy ATtiny13a in a half dollar in Japan. It is a very cheap microcomputer. Memory is low and 1KByte.
I challenged the making of Ladder game in 1KByte.

Step 1: Sketch

I wrote in a program at ATtiny13a using Arduino IDE used version 1.06 and Arduino core for Attiny13.
Sketch (Arduino source code.)

Fuse bit :hFuse = 0xFF, lFuse= 0x7A
(interne 9.6 MHz clock)

Step 2: Material

1x ATtiny13a
1x Mini breadboard
1x CR2025 CR2032 3v button battery holder
1x Button(Tactile switch)
1x 10K resistor
12x 3mm LED
Jumper wire

Step 3: LED

Step 4: Jumper Wire

Step 5: Button

Step 6: ATtiny13a

Step 7: 12 LED

Step 8: CR2025 CR2032 3v Button Battery Holder

have fun :-)

<p>I love the project!</p><p>please vote for me in the solar contest</p>
<p>do you have normal scematics?</p>
<p>Will this do?</p>
<p>COOOL! I will make one for my kids! Great Tuto!</p>
Thank you comment:-)<br>Struggles to make a jumper wire.<br>Please enjoy making with kids.<br><br>

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