How to Make Leather Corner Bookmarks


Introduction: How to Make Leather Corner Bookmarks

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These small whimsical leather corner bookmarks are great to mark the place in your book while you go grab a snack!

Step 1: Squares

Cut a pair of squares that are 6 cm.

Step 2: Second Layer

Take one of your two squares and cut it diagonally. Before you cut, this is your chance to add teeth, tongue, ears, or any other imaginative decorations! After you've cut the second layer, you can either sew it on or glue it on with Krazy Glue. I find that a sewn corner bookmark will last longer.

Step 3: Be Imaginative

This is the step where your imagination should carry you away! Decorate to your heart's content. Make a bear, cat, frog, turtle, minion, bat, etc. Enjoy!



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