Introduction: How to Make Leather Knife Sheath

If you don't understand some step in video all steps are written below.

Step 1: Making Template (steps Written on Images)

Picture of Making Template (steps Written on Images)

Lets make a sheath now

Step 2: Trace and Cut Out Pattern

Picture of Trace and Cut Out Pattern

Step 3: Dye

Picture of Dye

Dye both sides of leather and let it dry(note that after final wax coat colour will be much stronger)

Step 4: Make Grooves

Picture of Make Grooves

Make groove for thread to sit flat ( you can use some smoothed nail to make similar groove if you dont have the tool but leather need to be slightly wet)

Step 5: Trace and Cut Middle Part

Picture of Trace and Cut Middle Part

Step 6: Mark Glue Place

Picture of Mark Glue Place

Step 7: Glue Middle Part

Picture of Glue Middle Part

Sand face of the skin and put glue then let it dry and connect the parts.

Step 8: Cut Belt Loop

Picture of Cut Belt Loop

Wet the leather so its easier to bend then mark belt loop lenght and cut it, mark glue place,sand it and put the glue there.

Step 9: Dye Edges

Picture of Dye Edges

While waiting for glue to dry dye the edges which will be difficult to dye later.

Step 10: Belt Loop

Picture of Belt Loop

Connect the parts and make stiching groove on belt loop (on this side of the skin the nail method may be difficult)

Step 11: Holes and Stitch

Picture of Holes and Stitch

1.Make holes (if you don't have the hole punch sharpened fork will work almost as good, i used it before i got the tools)

2.Stitch it

Step 12: Folding

Picture of Folding

1. Put the glue on marked place and middle part then let it dry.

2. Fold the sheath

Step 13: Mark Holes and Drill

Picture of Mark Holes and Drill

1. Mark where holes will be drilled (fork is fine)

2. Drill the holes (1,5-2mm drill)

Step 14: Make Groove and Stitch

Picture of Make Groove and Stitch

1. Make groove for stitch on other side.

2. Stitch.

Step 15: Cut Excess and Sand

Picture of Cut Excess and Sand

Cut off excess leather and sand the edge

Step 16: Chamfer Edges

Picture of Chamfer Edges

Step 17: Dye and Burn

Picture of Dye and Burn

Dye and burnish edges with wooden stick.

Step 18: Decoration

Picture of Decoration

Make some decorations (on slightly wet leather).

Step 19: Forming

Picture of Forming

Wrap the knife in foil and put sheath in water for 10-20 seconds then form the sheath around the knife.

When finished let it dry for few hours.

Step 20: Dried

Picture of Dried

When dried its very stiff

Step 21: Final Coat

Picture of Final Coat

Now its time for final wax coat, wax coat is made of 50% wax and 50% linseed oil, heat it in pan on small flame and let it cool

Put thick layer of wax coat and use hair dryer to melt it (repeat process if needed) buff the sheath with cloth and you're done!


Tyless73 made it! (author)2017-09-10

Never had leathercraft experience before... thanks for inspiration and guidance through your tutorial.

PS: I'd add the fact that the "middle part" may have to be shortened in the lower end, considering the thickness of the leather you are using, but that was not much of a concern, since I realized it before glueing :)

FLR Handcraft (author)Tyless732017-09-10

Wow! Awesome job, forgot to mention that about the middle part :) Thanks for sharing.

KerriC15 (author)2017-06-16

Well done. The finished product at the top of the instructable looks fantastic.

FLR Handcraft (author)KerriC152017-06-17


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