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Introduction: How to Make Led Shoes

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Bonjour everyone!!!

In this simple tutorial i'm gonna show you how to make your own led shoes!

Step 1: Needs

if you want to recreate this, you are going to need:

-a pair of shoes (prefer some that are high tops),

-2 LED Strip Lights with Battery Box that measure the circumference of one peer of shoe, but if it doesn't measure exactly it's circumference, then take the closest measure but always bigger. Here's the link for the one that I bought ->,

-some super glue

-a pair of scissors

Step 2: Mesure Out the Right Size of the Led Strip

You're going to place your stripe all around your shoe, so that you can see where you are going to cut,

Step 3: Then Cut It Out!

What you want to do is cut right in the middle of the orange part, so that the light work anyway

Step 4: Stick the Strip on the Shoe

Now that you have your strip cutted the right size, pay attention that the mini remote control is on the inside of the shoe for more aestheticism, and then, little by little, you're going to peal of the backing paper, and for more security, stick it on the shoe with super glue ! Press for a little while one the part where you're working before passing to the following one !

You can put one the batteries, and see that it's starting to take form!!

Step 5: Let's Make a Pouch for the Battery!

Now moving on to the battery, we are going to take some fabric scrap, and cut it so that it form a rectancle a little bigger than the battery,

Then fold 3 edges so that it form a little pouch, and sew it to the tongue portion of the shoe, make sure during this process that the battery actually fit into your pouch!

Step 6: Repeat All the Steps One the Other Shoe and There You Have It!!

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    Where did you buy the mini remote control from, and what mini remote control did you use, I can't find it anywhere?!?!? I would love to try this out.

    I would recommend these strips instead...

    I could recommend adding a microswitch to the sole/heel from the inside. Cut a slot inside under the clothcover to fit the switch. Wire it up in series to the battery supply wires. Then when the wearer steps down,the LEDs light up. It saves power if the wearer is sitting or standing on the foot edge.

    2 replies

    Where can you get a cheap micro switch tho??

    hey, do you have any idea if other types of shoes would work (and look good)?

    2 replies

    Hum i think that other shoes will Work (like every tipe of color but i think white or black Will Work best because they can go with each colors of the led strip) but they have to be high so that you can store the battery ^^

    Bugsley needs a new pair of shoes. Clownshoes.

    These are an excellent idea. i will give them a try.

    2 replies

    O my god i am so sorry i Forgot the l at bugsLey excuse me !

    Thanks bugsey! I would love to see your clown led shoes !!

    this sounds really cool! how much would this most likely cost, assuming I already had the shoes?

    2 replies

    Love this! Grandmother, jealous of the grandkids flashy shoes!

    1 reply

    J'ADORE!!! MERCI!!! Et au revoir mon weekend, car je dois faire ce projet!