How to Make Leggings




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Introduction: How to Make Leggings

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Here is a cheap an easy way to make your own leggings



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    Great Video! I'm making a haloween costume for my 3 year old and she needs leggings, and I think this will work perfectly! Muy Bien!

    Is it just my computer or does this video skip?

    She is basically drawing her leggings with no center front or back seam, which means she's using the stretch of the fabric to make up for no crotch shaping. 

    This will work for a skinny minnie like she is, but if you're larger you might find a lot of fabric gathering in the crotch area.   If you want to try this, use your measurements to decide how wide to make the waist, and then draw the outline as though you were laying there dead and the coroner were drawing around you.   Cut out at least a half inch OUTSIDE the line so that the chalk line is your sewing line. If you can't figure out how to do the elastic and hem, maybe a pattern is a better way for you to go, since you probably will feel better with photos and explanations.  

    good luck and have fun.  half of sewing is going with the flow.  LOL  Kitty

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    this is a good idea ,i sew easily with pattern ,i also wondering how could she know this without a pattern or even any measurments ,i tried to make 2 blouse of her yesterday one was alittle tinny .that is why i decieded to think and measer more before cutinng .

    The music is good enough and the model fits so good...saludos desde colombia

    Gracias Gianny! as usual, your videos are great and to the point.... keep posting your ideas!
    saludos desde Santo Domingo, República Dominicana!!!

    okay, I just tried it again. And essentailly, the sound keeps stuttering, while the video is stuck on that first image. I suspect it may happen for others too, and they will lose patience. There is a definite piece of instruction missing before the leggings suddenly appear, unseawn but all cut out, with the finger tracing where one is to sew.  perhaps too much effort going to putting music to the video, and not enough to making the directions (prior to the pattern on the table)
    clear for someone new at this.

    I sew, but I don't quite see how to figure out the shape to cut, unless one is to lay out a pair of leggings already bought?

    still, i like the idea.

    i don't know why the video stalled for me, but once it came back this was quite nicely done. A few written directions would be nice--such as how to get the basic shape.