Introduction: How to Make Lego Puzzle Box No. 5; Diamonds!

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This 'ible was posted on the day after my birthday! Yeah!

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If you don't have any 2x2 tiles with a stud in the middle (Like on the top of the box), do not fear! There is an alternate way to build the box that ELIMINATES the need for these pieces! Just be sure to read the image notes.

Hey ya! This is Diamonds, another unique LEGO puzzle box, this time with rotating squares on top as part of the mechanism.

I made this box while watching TV last year, wanting to make a box with rotating locks.

It is rather simple to open regardless if you know how to or not, and feels less like a super-complex logic box, and more like a secret storage box. So if you just need a fancy, fun-to-open box to store things, this is a great choice. :]

Let's do it.

Step 1: Opening and Closing the Box

A video of opening and closing the box is found here if the above video ever does not work for some reason.

For those who like text:

1: Turn all the diamonds 45 degrees, so they become squares

2: Push down on the middle square

3: A drawer pops out! Pull it out and insert secrets.

4: Re-lock the box before inserting the drawer back in, because sometimes the button breaks when you insert the drawer first.

The button may fall out when you take the drawer out. If that happens, simply put the button back in and lock the box.

I did not make anything to prevent it from falling out.

Step 2: Parts List

*WARNING: These parts are just the exact parts needed to build one with 100% accuracy, DO NOT count on this to be the only possible way to build it. If you don't have all the parts in this list, That DOES NOT mean you can't build it. The pictures will not always show the same parts in this list. Don't count on the list! If it's something that requires exact parts, then you have to follow the list. This does not require exact parts. That is all.*

Also, this parts list may have been miscounted (By me), so that's another reason not to trust this list. Many parts lists are known to lie. I did do a re-count of the list and it seemed to be in order (with a couple extra pieces...) but you never know...

Asterisks = Required mechanical parts


1x3: 8

1x4: 13

1x6: 11

1x8: 13

2x2: 1

2x2 round: 4 *** (1 round brick can be replaced by 3 2x2 round plates)

2x2 slope: 1 ***


1x2: 6

1x3: 4

1x4: 2

1x6: 7

1x1 round (Stud): 2 ***

2x2: 5

2x3: 14

2x4: 3

2x8: 2

2x2 with 1 stud: 7 *** You need at least 2 for the box to function at all. You can modify the button if you don't have any at all. How to modify will be in the button step, in the image notes.

6x6: 3

8x8: 1 (I used 2)


1x2: 11

1x4: 5

1x6: 9

1x8: 2

2x2: 5

Step 3: Various Thingamajigs

Picture of Various Thingamajigs

Here are random mechanical items that make the box function.

1-2: Switch things. 3: Top pieces


1: Do this and get a 2x2 round.

2: Connect them and do it until you have 4 switch things.

3: Make these.

Step 4: The Button

Picture of The Button

This is THE button that opens the drawer. Without this button, the box is lost.


1-3: Make this. The top square should rotate independently from the other squares.

Step 5: The Locking Mechanism Base

Picture of The Locking Mechanism Base

Now we begin making the secret lock block! The locking mechanism is the hardest part to build, so follow the pictures carefully and ask any questions in the comments.


1: Make these 2 sticks.

2: Lay out these pieces.

3: Connect with 4 2x3's.

4: Take the sticks and...

5: Connect with 2 more 2x3's.

Step 6: Finishing the Lock Block

Picture of Finishing the Lock Block

Now that we have the base, let's top it off!

1: Add bricks around the edge, tiles around the center hole, and add some plates around the corners of the bricks.

2: Place in the switch things from step 3. They won't be connected to anything.

3: Attach the top pieces from step 3. At this point, you can see how the box locks by turning the locks.

4: Finish with smooth, polished tile. Customize however you wish.

5: Put bricks on the bottom.

6: A picture of the finished product, and hopefully what yours looks like now!

That was hard. Let's try something easier.

Step 7: Build a Wall

Picture of Build a Wall

Build this wall. It is 6 bricks tall, 8 studs long and 8 studs wide.

Step 8: The Storage Drawer

Picture of The Storage Drawer

We need a drawer to put stuff in, let's make one.


1: This is the base of the drawer.

2: Build a wall that's 3 bricks tall.

3: Put 2 layers of plates on top.

4: Make a brick border and attach a tile and a slope.

5: Add plates on top of the border bricks and finish with tiles.

Step 9: The Base.

Picture of The Base.

Huh... we're going from the top down this time! Strange.

Incredibly simple, just take a 8x8 plate and add tiles. My base is 2 layers thick.

Step 10: Assemble the Assembled

Picture of Assemble the Assembled

The 10th step! 10 is a good number to stop on. Take your 4 sections and assemble as shown.

Don't forget the button! Put the locks in the open (Squares) position, put the button in, and put them in the lock position (Diamonds). Sometimes it will not go in. If this happens, take the button and split it where the studs are. Take the top and bottom halves and connect them inside the button slot while the locks are locked.

You built the box! Do you know what you win!? A fancy LEGO puzzle box! Nice!


eread made it! (author)2017-04-17

Gosh, this is cool! It could be even cooler if you made it out of camo colors or something!

legoloverman made it! (author)2017-01-20

its a really cool model, but the only thing i dont like about it is that the button falls out

Jedi_man (author)legoloverman2017-03-17

Try a thin layer of tape around the button? I have not tried that solution but it may work.

legoloverman (author)Jedi_man2017-03-18

I'm gonna try to fit a rubber band somewhere on the button so it will retract.

55Chris (author)2017-03-05

I made one and its so cool! Your a genius.

Jedi_man (author)55Chris2017-03-17

Thank you!

sonic broom (author)2016-12-05


Everstrivin made it! (author)2016-10-09

It was fun to build. I'm not sure if I made it right though, the drawer can be just shaken out without solving the puzzle. Nice -ible.

Jedi_man (author)Everstrivin2016-10-10

Really nice! So the drawer slides out? Here's how to fix it: Put some tape (Any kind) on the tiles that the drawer slides on (They are on the base of the box) to add friction. If it still slides out, Add some tape on the top and/or bottom of the drawer as well. I hope that helps, and thank you for building!

Fathomlis (author)2016-10-07

Awesome! These LEGO puzzle boxes are great!

JunezRiyaz (author)2016-10-06

Nice work

spetboris (author)2016-10-06

I hade no idea LEGO is so versatile. Thank you for this fun (and rather useful) instructable:-)

MutahirA (author)2016-10-05

Lol! "Various thingamajigs". Hilarious!

I'll try to post a picture when I make it. I'll just need to order the parts. Thanks a lot for this!

Jedi_man (author)MutahirA2016-10-05

No problem. Glad you like the instructible :)

If you have a good amount of LEGO bricks, you can possibly substitute most of the pieces.

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