<p>Why did you delete your youtube? your videos were awesome</p>
<p style="color: black;">Hi,</p><p style="color: black;">You could use a centrifugal switch (like in some lighted Yo-Yo's), perhaps with a couple of seconds before turning off and you wouldn't have to worry about this :)</p>
<p>i'll try it. thank you</p>
<p>Two adverts. No i'ble. Nunchuks are weapons and illegal (here).</p>
<p>it used to rehearse and perform</p>
<p>Ah! Now it can be viewed :-) I guess with the PVC tubes they aren't weapons any more. Anyhow, still a great way to hurt yourself xD</p>
<p>it is made from PPR pipe (not PVC pipe), let's watch the video, you will know how to make this. really easy, just LEDs, springs and PPR pipes</p>

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