Introduction: How to Make Light Nunchucks (nunchaku)- Tutorial Video


Andres27p (author)2017-02-03

Why did you delete your youtube? your videos were awesome

Omnivent (author)2016-01-31


You could use a centrifugal switch (like in some lighted Yo-Yo's), perhaps with a couple of seconds before turning off and you wouldn't have to worry about this :)

i'll try it. thank you

ThomasK19 (author)2016-01-30

Two adverts. No i'ble. Nunchuks are weapons and illegal (here).

it used to rehearse and perform

Ah! Now it can be viewed :-) I guess with the PVC tubes they aren't weapons any more. Anyhow, still a great way to hurt yourself xD

it is made from PPR pipe (not PVC pipe), let's watch the video, you will know how to make this. really easy, just LEDs, springs and PPR pipes

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