Introduction: How to Make Link Chain Rubberband Bracelet With No Loom

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How to Make A link chain Rubberband bracelet with no loom.

Step 1: Materials

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Now lets start off with the materials first.
You'll need:
1.rubber bands of different colors (48)
2.18 bands of 1 colour
3.maker stick or toothpick
4.A mini loom or your fingers.You could also use anything which looks alike to the mini loom.
5.S or C clip.
Let's start Off!

Step 2: The Beginning

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1.Make a 8 figure and place it on your mini loom as shown
2.Now add 3 colourful bands.
3.Add another band which will be in a round figure and not in a 8 figure this time. look carefully to the picture.
4.start adding.Take the last band and with the stick pull them inside of the loom.
5.Just as the last step add the last colour in.But this time add the 3 bands not the single band which was of 8 figure.

Step 3: Repeat

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Just as you did In the last step.Repeat!
add the round figure in and make sure to add new colours in to when you out the 3 bands in add another colour and then a round band. then put the last green band in and then the 3 bands.

Step 4: Finishing

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After adding all the bands you will see it will grow long as shown in the picture.Then add a green band out and the last Green band in and the 3 bands

Step 5: Add Clip and Done!

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Add your S or Clip and done! wear your Link Chain bracelet and move on.....


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