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I've noticed a lot of people making Link's master sword, which makes sense. It's kind of THE Zelda sword. Recently, however, I was looking at some of the art on the Zelda: Twilight Princess game guide and realized that I really like the design of the Ordon sword. It's very simple but it has clean lines and is just a really nice looking sword. So I decided to make it my next sword prop.

Step 1: Supplies

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For this project I used:
-A Board (scrap from a pallet)
-A Short Dowel Rod
-Wood Glue
-Spray Paint
-Brown Leather or fabric
-A Saw
-A Jigsaw
-A Drill
-A Router
-A Rasp and Files
-A Sander
Mr Sandwich3 months ago
Mr Sandwich3 months ago
How sturdy?
The Rambler (author)  Mr Sandwich3 months ago

It's incredibly sturdy. Like you could seriously do some damage with this thing sturdy. As far as an exact curve goes do you mean the tip of the blade? I would recommend printing out a picture of the sword tip to scale and tracing it onto the wood. I think that would be about as exact as you could hope to get.

Mr Sandwich3 months ago
Exactly like the game
Mr Sandwich3 months ago
Also how would you go about making the curve if you want exact?
broken bob1 year ago


The Rambler (author)  broken bob1 year ago

Haha thanks!

I find Design Masters Modern Metals Champagne Silver (way too long of a name) gives a really nice metal like sheen if sprayed in thin coats. This write up really makes me want to make a Legend of Zelda sword.
The Rambler (author)  jetpackbraggin1 year ago
Dooo iiit! Haha
I'll have to check that out. I really need to improve my painting skills as they are sadly lacking. I see such impressive stuff out there (yours included) and I'm just blown away by how real something can look with some skill and effort. I keep telling myself that if I get one of those trigger attachments for spray paint cans I'll instantly improve.
I've always wanted to try the trigger things. I have no idea if they make spraying easier or if they're just a waste.
The Rambler (author)  jetpackbraggin1 year ago
For $2-3 I really should just pick one up, but as long as I don't I can blame my inadequate skills on not having one...
I made a sword because of your post. It is a Finn sword from adventure time. I made an instructable on it. Thanks!
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The Rambler (author)  ihearmoosepeople1 year ago
Wow, sorry for the late reply on this one. That looks awesome. I'll check it out.
16lundgcodm2 years ago
The square version is twilight princess: Ordon sword, the oval version (the one you made is skyward sword: training sword, so technically you made the wrong one.
The Rambler (author)  16lundgcodm2 years ago
The pictures in step two are from the official artwork on the Twilight Princess game guide. The in-game look of the sword is naturally more blocky but this doesn't take away from the fact that the version I made is most definitely the Ordon sword. The "Knight practice sword" from Skyward Sword is not a square version of this. It's completely different with a sort of "scoop" in the middle of the guard. Look at any of the cutscenes, screen captures, or official artwork and it will back me up.
Ok, i checked your right, maybe the oval version is from the gamecube version of the game, great job though. Try remaking it with a metal blade, and go hack at a tree 'til somebody starts to stare at you.
The Rambler (author)  16lundgcodm2 years ago
Haha, I'm sure the difference is probably due to the difference between the pixelated in game version and the cover art. Either way man, thanks for the compliment. Making a real sword is totally on my list of things I'd love to do!
Good work. Here's a sword I made. I wouldn't recommend mine for kids to make.
Make a Sword.png
The Rambler (author)  MakeItWithJason2 years ago
Thanks. Cool sword. I've forged a knife out of a railroad spike before but never done anything of that size. I like the way you did the handle wrap.
great job..looks nice sadly i cant build one though
The Rambler (author)  TheRoyalJester2 years ago
That's too bad, I'm sorry you've got whatever it is standing in your way. Thanks for the compliment though!
Ringer16332 years ago
would a Dremel work instead of a router?
The Rambler (author)  Ringer16332 years ago
It might. Honestly there are probably several ways to arrive at the same result. Basically you just want to cut the "corners" off the wood so that it angles or slopes down on the sides. A dremel might work, though it would take a lot of time, and might not be consistent down the length of the blade since it would rely on the wielder having very precise movements. You can also use a rasp, a belt sander, a bench grinder, or even a hand saw (you'd just have to saw all the way down the blade on all four corners).