How to Make Maple Taffy Using Snow!

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video How to Make Maple Taffy Using Snow!
This video is a tutorial on how to make delicious maple taffy using snow and maple syrup. It's so simple, even a child could make it, and yet it tastes sooo good! 
mygibzone3 years ago
My mom would always talk about doing this as a child. I have never tried it myself and actually had forgotten all about it until seeing your instructable. I'm glad to see that old traditions are still alive & well. Thanks for sharing! :)
TCGames (author)  mygibzone3 years ago
I'm glad you like it :D!
memecute3 years ago
why do you need snow
TCGames (author)  memecute3 years ago
It solidifies the maple syrup, and tastes really good. You can just as easily use ice. I find that crushed ice works better.
tstan133 years ago
Reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher reading Little house on the prairie or one of the laura ingalls books to us. they did that in the book. Strangely I just thought about it yesterday. anyway I loved your instructable.Thanks
Tiktaky3 years ago
This looks so tasty, It's making me jealous that we don't get snow or maple syrup where I am.

I might try some boiled honey and treacle over crushed ice.
its as easy as on, two, tree
pun intended =)
TCGames (author)  Tiktaky3 years ago
It'll definitely work over ice. I've never actually thought about trying to use honey. That's an excellent idea, i'll be sure to try it.
Kaelpe3 years ago
We made this on a trip to Quebec once, and it was AMAZING.
We used little popsicle sticks and walked around trying to eat them before they melted.
TCGames (author)  Kaelpe3 years ago
It's funny you mention that, because I actually went to Quebec myself on a school trip, and got to try some myself. Somehow the ones they made tasted a lot better than the one I made lol.
dacker3 years ago
I grew-up in Vermont. This is universally called, "Sugar on Snow", but I guess it could be considered a form of taffy.

If you have a candy thermometer, the heated syrup should be 234 °F (112 °C ) when it is poured on the snow. If you live in a snowless climate, you can use ice as well.
hmm, ice works? GREAT
i have never physically been near snow and it won't snow where i live so i will have to try this with ice!
TCGames (author)  AussieAnglerGal3 years ago
Yeah, Ice should work just fine.
TCGames (author)  dacker3 years ago
You make a good point, thx.
jatoha3 years ago
Thank you, my kids have always wanted to do this since reading the Laura Ingalls books.
TCGames (author)  jatoha3 years ago
You're welcome! Thanks for watching :D!
This sounds absolutely delicious! I love maple syrup! I have to give this a try some time!
TCGames (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
I'm sure you'll love it