How to Make McDonald's Fries Out of an Apple!!!





Introduction: How to Make McDonald's Fries Out of an Apple!!!

Step 1: To Do a McDonald's Fries Out of an Apple You Need!!!

Hiiiiii! Today I want to show you how to make McDonalds Fries Out Of An Apple, this is healthy snack for lunch. Apple fries are fun for the kids and they will love them.
You Need:
- apples
- sharp knife
- toothpicks.

Step 2: To Carve the McDonald's M, Use a Carving Knife to Carve an M Then Peel the Skin Off!!!

If you love french fries, maybe what you need is to learn how to trick your brain into thinking an apple is an order of fries.

Step 3: Peel Off the Skin of Your Second Apple and Cut Out Your “fries”.

Insert a toothpick into each “fries”, and arrange your “fries” onto your first apple “base”.

It’s not hard to learn how to trick your brain into doing and thinking a lot of things, but it seems like mentally transforming an apple into french fries could be tricky.

Step 4: This Trick Everyone Should Know, Beacause McDonalds Fries Out of an Apple Is Healthy Snack!!!!

Quick and easy, isn't it? Good luck!!!



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    that's so cute and healthier than the actual chips :)

    Now these are some fries, I'd feed my kid! best of luck!

    that's cool!

    cool. never seen it been done before.

    amazing, a healthy snack made in such a way that kids would love it.

    I would make that with a CNC