Step 2: Making the Body

For the body you make a small ball and you pinch the top of it to make it look like a teardrop.
Now you carve the bottom of it to make the hood for the turbine.
Then use a drill bit about 3 millimeters less in diameter than the body.
After that drill the front of the body, but not all the way through just a little bit.
Using your finger nail, just make a circle in the back to make the exit of the turbine.
Use two balls of clay and make two shoulder pads.
They look alot like Sonic's ears so that might make it easier.
Use slip to glue them to the body.
Clay Recipie. <br>1/2 cup of flour<br>Same amount of salt<br>Fewer amount of water
Do you buy or make this clay ?<br>The figures are amazing !
Thanks, that means alot. <br>I don't really know how to make clay, I just know how to use it, <br>so I bought mine at walmart. It's the regular Crayola Air-Dry clay. <br>

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