How to Make Mickey Mouse Cookies





Introduction: How to Make Mickey Mouse Cookies

Have you ever wondered how to make the iconic mouse into a cookie, keep reading. With just two piping tips, you can make cute and delicious Mickey cookies!

1. Mickey Mouse shaped cookies (I used a cookie cutter)
2. vanilla icing
3. chocolate icing
4. a star tip
5. a round tip
6. a piping bag or other icing applicator
7. a piping spatula

Step 1: Ice the Face

*It helps to have a picture to look at.*
On the face area, use the piping spatula to spread vanilla icing into a big round. Don't worry if it isn't exact. You won't be able to tell.

Step 2: Pipe the Ears

In the ears, pipe chocolate icing stars (piping bag and star tip).

Step 3: Pipe the Face

Using the round tip and chocolate icing, pipe the mouth. Then, pipe a semi-circle shaped line above where the nose would be. Pipe the eyes and then the nose (underneath the semi-circle). Enjoy!



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Lovely.But the pictures are not very clear.

While these do look delectible, you cant eat mickey mouse. that's not very nice..... sorry huge mickey mouse fan)