Picture of How to Make Mickey Mouse Cookies
Have you ever wondered how to make the iconic mouse into a cookie, keep reading. With just two piping tips, you can make cute and delicious Mickey cookies!

1. Mickey Mouse shaped cookies (I used a cookie cutter)
2. vanilla icing
3. chocolate icing
4. a star tip
5. a round tip
6. a piping bag or other icing applicator
7. a piping spatula
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Step 1: Ice the Face

Picture of Ice the Face
*It helps to have a picture to look at.*
On the face area, use the piping spatula to spread vanilla icing into a big round. Don't worry if it isn't exact. You won't be able to tell.

Step 2: Pipe the Ears

Picture of Pipe the Ears
In the ears, pipe chocolate icing stars (piping bag and star tip).

Step 3: Pipe the Face

Picture of Pipe the Face
Using the round tip and chocolate icing, pipe the mouth. Then, pipe a semi-circle shaped line above where the nose would be. Pipe the eyes and then the nose (underneath the semi-circle). Enjoy!
Lovely.But the pictures are not very clear.
bigmamma045 years ago
While these do look delectible, you cant eat mickey mouse. that's not very nice..... sorry huge mickey mouse fan)
Lettucehead5 years ago
can I eat one:)
cupcake811 (author)  Lettucehead5 years ago
Sorry, I made these this summer. But they were DELICIOUS! Note: I got the cookie cutter in Disney World.
Also, I saw on the internet somewhere how to bake Mickey-shaped cookies without a cookie cutter.