How to Make Minecraft Bracelets Using HAMA Beads





Introduction: How to Make Minecraft Bracelets Using HAMA Beads

Hello everybody!

Because our kids love Minecraft, we thought of a way to make Minecraft bracelets using HAMA beads. To make this bracelets you need:

A square form to mount the beads (4 inch wide)

Baking paper

An iron

A paper towel roll

For the Creeper:

Different green beads as well as black and grey beads

For the Enderman:

Mostly black beads and a few purple and white beads

Step 1: Lay Out Your Minecraft Pattern

Now you have to lay out your pattern on the square form. We choose to position the face in the middle. But you can add multiple faces as well.

Step 2: Iron the Beads

When you are done with your pattern, use a piece of baking paper and cover the beads. Iron until they are nice and flat. Turn the beads around and take off the square. Cove this side with baking paper as well and iron again. Continue until all the beads are nice and flat.

Step 3: Fold Around Paper Towel Roll

Now take a paper towel roll and fold the warm bead bracelet around it. Attach both sides and let the bracelet cool down. Wait until the beads are cooled down completely before removing the paper. When the bracelet is cold, wear it :-). We hope you like this idea. Isabel and Naomi



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    This looks AWESOME!!! For me, this is a must-have. Nice idea! *favorite*

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