How to Make Mini Deep Fridge at Home | by Rasel Homemade Creator





Introduction: How to Make Mini Deep Fridge at Home | by Rasel Homemade Creator

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This video about making homemade deep fridge at home. It is very low cost making. This fridge can be portable it also you can use in your car, picnic party and outdoor party.

Step 1: Thing You Need Some Matterials

  1. Some tooth pic
  2. Styrofoam
  3. Heat shrink 2 pcs one big and other small
  4. Tthermoelectric cooler ( thermo electric cooler)
  5. Led light
  6. Small mobile magnet
  7. Charger pin
  8. Some glue

Step 2: Making Fridge Box

Cut and foam and put together with glue and tooth pic

Step 3: Making Cooling Parts

Take heat shrike and attach thermo electric cooling device gently

Step 4: Full Instruction or Tutorial in This Video Watch It

if you dont understand plese comment me



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    put more instructions and image,i dont like when you make it video.if video so,make sure it easy to download

    please put more INSTRUCTIONS in your instructable...

    3 replies

    I hate when people publish and just put a link to a video. It makes it pointless.

    i keep full details in video

    i put full details and instruction in my video

    Great Instructable using a peltier chip which a 60 watt can be had for 10 for $1.68 or a 400 watt can be had for $20 off eBay. Once again great job. For those not knowing one gives off heat the other side cooler.