Step 4: Sign up to legitimate survey panels

This is the step that most people struggle with when they decide that they want to try to give this opportunity a try. And it's mainly because there are so many scams, deceptive ads, and websites giving out misleading information about paid surveys. If you are not careful and you decide not to do research, you could easily get scammed out of your time, and worse, your money. If you do your homework and stick with survey sites that offer 100% FREE registration, you will avoid most, it not all, survey scams.

It's a time-consuming task, which is one of the reasons why some sites actually succeed at ripping people off. Some people who want to get paid to take surveys want to quickly start making money and so they wouldn't mind paying a fee to get a list of companies that pay people to take surveys and guides on getting started. But this information can be found on the web at no cost.

I'm giving you a free tutorial now on how to get started and I am even going to give you access to my free survey directory which lists legitimate survey panels that pay cash. Each survey panel in the directory is 100% free to join and they DO pay. I've researched every single one of them and have been paid by most so I know that they are indeed legit. No scams, no gimmicks, no hype. Just reputable free survey sites that will pay you cash for taking surveys. You access the list here: 100% Free Paid Survey Panels (For US residents, Canadian residents, UK residents, Australian residents, and teens.)

You covered the subject very well. <br> <br>I've been doing surveys for almost 10 years. I use the funds to feed my toolbox and my project needs. <br>

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