Picture of How to Make Moss Graffiti
Moss graffiti, also called eco-graffiti or green graffiti, replaces spray paint, paint-markers or other such toxic chemicals and paints with a paintbrush and a moss "paint" that can grow on its own. As people become more eco-friendly and environmentally aware, the idea of making living, breathing graffiti has become a more green and creative outlet for graffiti artists. It can also be considered another form of guerrilla gardening.


One or two clumps (about a small handful) of moss
2 cups of buttermilk
You can also substitute with yogurt (vegan yogurt can be used)
2 cups of water
1/2 tsp. sugar
Corn syrup (optional)
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Step 1:

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Gather up as much moss as you can find or buy.

Step 2:

Wash the moss to get as much soil out of the roots as possible.

Step 3:

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Break the moss apart into manageable pieces and place in blender.

Step 4:

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Add the buttermilk/yogurt, water/beer and sugar.
Add the buttermilk/yogurt, water/beer and sugar.
Blend the mixture until completely smooth. You'll want it to have a paint-like texture.

If the mixture is at a consistency where you feel it will drip, add corn syrup until the consistency you desire is reached.

Step 5:

Use a paintbrush to apply the moss-paint to the surface on which you wish your design to grow.

Step 6:

If possible, check back weekly to either spray the design with water (to encourage moss growth, especially if you live in a dry environment) or apply more moss-paint.

Hossein Khorrami . Iran
How long does it take to grow one layer??
hosseinkh (author)  The_HandyMan2 years ago
a week For Start budding
take to grow one layer
  If the. Environment (Dark or Shadow. - wet - cool - and ...)
2-3 weeks
KickapooOtoe9 months ago

These guys say it doesnt work


tammy schultz9 months ago

how long does the mixture last in a closed container? or do u have to use it all immediately?

jramli1 year ago

how thick should i lather the concoction ?

Fred Nava1 year ago

Hello Guys I decided to try this technique but I’m getting mould (2 days after applying to the surface). Please is it normal?. Thanks! Best regards, Fred. Brazil.

How long does it take to grow one layer??
a week For Start budding
take to grow one layer
If the. Environment (Dark or Shadow. - wet - cool - and ...)
2-3 weeks
hosseinkh (author) 2 years ago
you can testing in mixing part beer or vanila if you want realy... I dont testing ifyou can test and get me answer tnx
Hobo6132 years ago
So when does the beer part come in...?
sepehr18192 years ago
very good!!
Can you use vanilla yogurt, or should it be plain?
this is amazing! since i have mostly grass and some trees in my yard i have wanted to make a japanese moss/tea garden and this is truly awesome.
we have lots of ducks and geese so a stream might get gunked up and messy (they get lots of poo and dirt in the ponds already) so a moss stream with a small bridge would be so cute with some holly or chrysanthemums growing by it! thank you so much!
nox14682 years ago
this is great! im definately trying this!
hosseinkh (author) 2 years ago
it's for you . if You want to look for the living wall

Take a picture if you Design a wall
blkhawk2 years ago
I never knew that I could use moss to create art! Very smart, eco-friendly and original Instructable. Great work!