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Step 1: Materials

plastic Bangle

Stone chain

Silk threads of different colours



Ball chain colours ( Blue , Pink , Gold )

Step 2: Process

take a bangle ,apply glue as shown in the photo

Step 3: Continue Winding

wind the bangle as shown in the photo

Step 5: Braiding

Start braiding the three color threads bunches.

Step 7: Continue Winding

Step 9: Add Blue Colour Ball Chain

Step 10: Add Stone Chain Center of Blue Ball and Pink Ball Chain

Step 11: Add Glue in Free Space

Step 12: Add Stone Chain Near It

Step 13: Add Pink Colour Ball Chain Next to Stone Chain

Step 14: Add Pink Colour Ball Chain Next to Blue Colour Ball Chain

Step 15: Add Gold Colour Ball Chain Next to Pink Colour Ball Chain

Step 16: Add Stone Chain Next to Pink Colour Ball Chain

Step 17: Admire and Wear

You are done!

<p>Very pretty! I love the colors :)</p>
<p>Thank you , Featured my post in friend</p>

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