How-to Make NEW Wood Look OLD




Introduction: How-to Make NEW Wood Look OLD

DIY Rustic Vanity Counter top - How to Make Wood Look Old

In this episode i will show you a fun and easy wood working project of how to make new wood look old with a very simple process of using a grinder and an attachment from king Arthur. Great woodworking project for beginners wanting to do it yourself Also, you will meet my neighbor Claire! She is awesome

Here are the products that i used:

Galahad Grinder attach : epoxy: sander: Sanding discs : Follow me on

Special thanks to David Womax for the awesome Music!!!!

Laugh track from

Step 1: Grind the Wood

Using the king Arthur tool found here:

Grind the wood away...super easy

Step 2: Blank Wood Canvas

Start with a wood counter top that you made or one that you find and would like to re purpose.

Step 3: Stain That Sucker!

Using your favorite stain, proceed to staining the newly distressed wood

Step 4: Mix Up the Epoxy for the Finish

Grab some epoxy or bar top finish and follow the easy mix directions

Step 5: Enjoy

Show off the counter top to your friends and family!



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