I decided to make this because I, being a Narutard, wanted to make Naruto's jacket. You could use it as cosplay, Halloween costume, or... a jacket (duh)! The other reason I'm making this is because no one actually made a tutorial on making his jacket on here, so I thought I should make it! This is my first instructable, so please give me some constructive criticism. I will add pictures later when I can find my camera.

EDIT: I just hit 1,000 views? Nice, Thanks you guys, keep commenting and making my instructable even more popular! Remember, every view and comment counts!

Step 1: Item List

Here's what you need:
-blue fabric
-red fabric
-white fabric
-white faux fur
-plain blaze orange jacket (zip up with hood)
-sewing machine (if you don't have one, use fabric glue)
Once you have all this, you are ready to make Naruto's jacket!
Wwwooah, i like naruto very much. i hope, i can have naruto jacket too..<br><br>best regard<br>Sahila - http://www.deviladistro.com
This helped a bit wat i need was front picture to see zipper i wish i would have thought about hoodie and yea belts are great idea
Sweet,&nbsp;I am going to make one to. :) thnx for the instructable
yum<br/><sup>-</sup><br/>random<br/>you said it was taken at 6 then you said 9 (nice anyway)<br/>
Now THIS is awesome!!! I've seen some HORIBLE cosplayers in the past and you are defiantly NOT one of them P.S. I'm a naruto lover I have a sasuke shirt that I made
It just needa a little modification and error fixings, which I STILL need done.
Izanagi Telos: King, Huh ? Well I Hope You Know Me And My Bestie Are THE QUEENS ! &gt;:0 Bow Down Before Us ;D. <br/><br/>Dr. Steel: I Liked This. It Was Easiar Then The Other Ones I Found xD. I Wanted The Shippuden One But Everytime I Searched It, It Was Like No Where To Be Found ( Im Cosplaying Naruko, Btw I Just Needed The Jacket And I Couldnt Buy The Whole Costume Just For The Jacket. So I Have To Touch It Up To Make It More Naruko xD ) So This Helped <sup></sup> Thanks ~! :D<br/>
Your welcome.
i don't like naruto to much]
Then dont look at the i'ble.
if I'm not mistaken naruto uzamaki jacket should be orange right :P
This IS orange. >_< *face palm*
BRIGHT orange *ultimate face palm*
It is bright orange. These pictures were taken at 9:00 at night. The light bulb is a filament lightbulb. The light is yellow-ish, so therefore, YOU are the epic failure. *mega epic face palm*
you forgot the blue part at the bottom of the naruto jacket
Thanks, I didn't notice that. I just thought it was a belt or something.
lol you thought it was a belt
lol ya, but i saw some pretty good cosplays that used a belt.
hi, im actually making a naruto jacket for an anime convention. It will be my third cosplay cotume. Anyways... your instructables helped me out alot (except for the neck part i had to figure out my own way of doing it! lol)
You are very welcome. I don't know how the collar was done either. It was just improv.
teeheehee! that makes you look silly! (in a good way =P)<br/><br/>4.1/2 *s because of the effort ;D<br/>
Thanks. My hair is horrible here. It's embarrassing. My eyes too. Thanks again for the stars!
you look like a cornuto!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!! XD
What's a cornuto?
you do know his jacket is orange right?
Believe me, this jacket is FAR more orange in RL. I took this photo at, like, 6:00, so it seems darker than it really is. Thank you for the comment!
np dude but y does it say red cloth in the instrucible
That's for the red circle on his back. The jacket I j got was already orange and with the fur.
oh ok sry my mistake
It's all right. It's a somewhat easy mistake to make.
I can tell your not a poser. *Cough*
And what do you mean exactly by that?
im impressed I've seen cosplayers twice your age who've made much crappier naruto jackets
Thanks, my mom actually sewed it together, but I helped her with the design and stuff. We're hoping to take the stitches out and re-do it you know. Gonna make the blue higher, the red patch smaller, have the blue on the shoulders from the excess from making it higher and put in the spiral. Then I'm gonna take new pictures where I don't have bed head lol. It's gonna be much, much better when we re-do it.
Wow. I just realized that I look like crap in this pic.
You're not a real Narutard.... if you are, you would've made Naruto's Shippuden jacket! I'm the king of all TEH NARUTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ......ummm..... 5 stars!
im 12 so i wanted the young naruto jacket. i might make a shippuden naruto sometime tho.
Oh.... I'm 13... Still, I AM TEH KING OF ALL TEH NARUTARDZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lolz. well if your king of narutards i bow to you.but i know someone that has more power than you. my friend jess, queen of teh retardeded peoples. i am heir cuz she trips alot, i cant even dance. cept caramell dansenn. yay!!!!
relly kool finally a naruto cosplay tutorial other than kunais and head bands also the neck should be cordaroy(sp? well i think thats what it is i akways pictured it as clouds vest material) but great!
eh... i chose the collar based on the volume 1 cover

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