How to Make Natural Whey





Introduction: How to Make Natural Whey

Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained, and is the starter for lacto-fermented fruits, vegetables, and beverages.

This is an adaptation of the whey recipe from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions. Using this method, you get wonderful cream cheese and whey, which can be used to make sauerkraut, ginger ale, or many other lacto-fermented foods.

It couldn't be easier: Put plain yogurt in a dish towel or cheese cloth and let the whey drip out overnight. I tied my dish towel together with rubber bands, and suspended it from a cabinet knob over a pitcher. Once the cream cheese and whey are separated, just save the whey in a glass mason jar, or similar. Refrigerated whey will last for months. In the images, I used goat milk yogurt. Cow milk yogurt will work fine.



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They whey obtained will be acidic in nature if use this process. Is there any way to neutralise it?

where can i buy it? is it availble in supermarkets?

where can i buy it? is it availble in supermarkets?

Awesome tutorial, and I second hilma.labelle's question about using kefir whey instead.
Off topic... is that a giant beetle in the window (bottom/right). Because Holy Wow!

I use a paper coffee filter in a wire strainer over a large bowl, place another coffee filter on top of yogurt with a small bowl or plate to weight it down. I put the whole thing in the refrigerator for a day. makes great cream cheese too. I use home made yogurt .

I thought ferments and cultures didn't like metals (they react with it somehow)? I have a plastic strainer I use. Thanks for the tip about the coffee filter. I may try lining the strainer with one for this. :)

Can you use kefir instead of yoghurt?

I only buy Stoneyfield Greek or regular plain yogurt. I haven't checked the Greek carton, but the regular plain yogurt says on the side alive and active cultures and makes a LOT of whey. :)

is there a whey ! to dry out this whey and use the remainder as a protein source ? ie a powder.

Will femented juice from making saurkraut work instead of yogurt?