Rocks are formed by compressive, metamorphic, and accumulative processes that take millions to billions of years. With a state of the art neural network, photogrammetry reconstruction and 3D printing, Disk Cactus has developed a new method to make NEW ROCKS in a matter of weeks or months. Follow along!

Step 1: Field Collection by Way of Random Walks

The journey of each New Rock begins in the field. Set out into the world on foot, collecting notable real world specimens along the way. Don't forget a bucket or fanny pack for stashing your haul.

For inspirational rock hounding tips, check out: How to Look at a Rock by Andrew Alden

<p>The video is so good in explaining the whole process, as well as the thoughts behind</p>
<p>This is great! Well written and fun</p>
<p>What a nice ibble. Congrats</p>
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