How to Make Ninja Darts for the Lighter Mini Cannon


Introduction: How to Make Ninja Darts for the Lighter Mini Cannon

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Several months ago I published the Instructable, How to Make a Mini Cannon from a BBQ Lighter. The mini cannon was originally made to fire airsoft pellets, which it will do quite well. With some time now passed, I have decided it is time to revive the project with a upgrade in ammunition. The following video I think demonstrates quite nicely:

With nothing more than cotton swabs, glue and a length of music wire, some very effective darts can be created. They may be a little small for the 6mm barrel at first, but a little roughing up of the cotton with a fingernail is all that is required to make them expand to the barrel size. In about 5 minutes you can have dozens of darts ready to fly.

Remember never to shoot these at any living thing. These darts can easily do damage at more than 50 feet. The cardboard cutouts shown in the video make excellent targets!

Once again, here is a link showing how to make the mini cannon itself: How to Make a Mini Cannon from a BBQ Lighter

Have fun!



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    Could you do a mod for it to be controlled by a string so when you flick your wrist it ignites. i'm planning on making an assassins creed gauntlet and wanted to add something like the poison dart gun from brotherhood.

    Check out this mod.

    Is that just oxygen or is there still a alcohol in there?

    There is 91 percent alcohol in the chamber

    ohh so did you put a good amount in there because he only use a small amount on a cotton swab?

    about 1 teaspoon. I can get about 50 shots. The spark ignites the fumes and oxygen then burns out. More fumes form. Add more oxygen. Keep on till all the fluid is gone.

    That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! That was a good idea you had!!!

    Yes, definitely. Please don't shoot it at anyone.

    Haha i wont just wondering if it would.

    Hmmm this is seriously cool. I was going to enter a spring loaded suction gun, there is little point now as you will totally own me with this :) as a mod, could you keep both end of cotton on, dip one end in warm alco rub, other end acts as seal. The alco end is in chamber and warm alco will evaporate quickly. Replace the air each time by blowing into barrel. if it works it will save much time not having to unscrew end bolt :) jonny

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    Check out this mod.

    Nice....using oxygen, very looking forward to seeing what you develop this into.....electronic ignition?.......some method of making the ammo reload so its semi auto / bolt action........ keep up the good work. Jonny

    That is pretty cool, but you might be pushing the limits that the chamber can withstand.

    Ya got my vote, but love the pyro vids! I actually do precribed fires/burns in the local wooded natural areas for a living, so me and fire is like white on rice! (But dont ever lose that respect for it or it will get you).

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    Check out this mod.

    Sure enough it will, you can't let yourself get lazy. I'll be working on more pyro videos as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for your comments!

    Looks very similar to the one I made a couple of years ago. Mine is Combustion powered.

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    Wow that's quite a coincidence. Your instructable was published only about a week before my original video showing how to make my cannon:

    Fortunately for me my mini cannon makes appearances in several of my videos from 3 or 4 years back, otherwise people might suspect I stole the idea with how unlikely that timing is.

    I don't think it was stolen. I was making these when I was 15. I even made one out of a CO2 cartridge and used ether and pure oxygen as the fuel mixture. WHAT A BANG. I actually used an old bb gun barrel with bb's. I think at that point it became a "Fire Arm". Super powerful when you use the ether and oxygen combo. If you use the 91% and pure oxygen in your setup, you will get quite a bit more power. You can get the pure oxygen from Home Depot or Lowes. Red cylinders in the welding section. You should try it. Great video instructible.