Picture of How to Make Ninja Mittens
Tired of your old, ugly mittens? We've got a pretty creative way to whip up some awesome ninja mittens out of a long sleeve T-shirt and a little extra fabric. We at ThreadBanger are always looking for new, crafty DIY projects. So if you have an idea, send it in! And don't forget to subscribe to our iTunes podcast!

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Step 1: Cut Off Sleeves

Picture of Cut Off Sleeves
First, cut off the sleeves of a long-sleeve T-shirt.

Step 2: Lay Sleeves Flat

Picture of Lay Sleeves Flat
Now, cut along the seams and lay the sleeves out flat.

Step 3: Mitten Length

Picture of Mitten Length
Picture 5.png
Find a good length for your mittens, and cut off the extra fabric.

Step 4: Extra Fabric

Picture of Extra Fabric
Picture 7.png
Picture 8.png
Now, cut another piece of fabric about the size of the width of the sleeves, and cut a few strips.

Step 5: Sew on the Strips

Picture of Sew on the Strips
Pin the strips to the sleeves, and sew them on!

Step 6: Sew the Sleeve Together

Picture of Sew the Sleeve Together
Picture 10.png
Picture 11.png
Next, have a friend wrap the sleeve (inside out) around your arm and pin it together; then sew.

Step 7: Cut Off the Extra Fabric

Picture of Cut Off the Extra Fabric
Cut off the extra fabric after sewing.

Step 8: Thumbs

Picture of Thumbs
Picture 14.png
Picture 15.png
Turn the mittens inside out again, cut thumb holes, and you're finished!
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fantastic job and a smashing job mixing the colors baby barf green and neon yellow, but seriously really great job
oyacostumes3 years ago
Excelent ideas, I gonna do the same...I gonna be a Ninja jejeje, I found cool ninja cotumes here
luvit5 years ago
 is it just me? for the past couple months, i;ve seen ninjas everywhere..
Hellchild luvit4 years ago
It's just you
no its not, there everywhere, all around you, theres at least 20 people i know that are training to be ninja's, me included :P all by the means of NID
Ninjas are meant to be unseen.
If you see a "ninja" you lose. That "ninja" isn't a real ninja.
Lolz cheap green screen
Draoicht5 years ago
Good to see Threadbangers on here now. I've been watching them on YouTube for a while.
kagenin5 years ago
 I just made a set earlier this week, they're toasty warm and awesome!

I used an old long sleeve t-shirt that I hadn't worn in quite a while - the sleeves where long, but the torso was getting a bit short for me, and it wasn't really stretching out long enough.  There were some cool looking asian calligraphy on the arms, which added a nice touch.  It was an old shirt I must have had for at least 12 years, real thick thermal weave fabric.

After I cut the sleeves to length, I unpinned them and used them as templates against the back of the shirt.  My gracious girlfriend  ran her sewing machine through the elbow-side ends (sleeve characters on the inside), then ran it through all four layers of fabric for some extra toasty warmness.  The inside liner would make adding things like pockets a bit easier, which I'll probably add soon, or make another pair with a set of pockets installed before the final stitching-up.

Very Ninja (though probably illegal in some areas) additions could include fist packs inside the palms, leather and steel reinforcements over the back of the hand, steel studs across knuckles, pockets for throwing spikes or knives...

More geeky additions could be some Arduino Lilypad accessories, like a custom wireless "Power Glove" with buttons, buttons, fingertip contact switches, accelerometers and gyroscopes to be used as a game controller (which could also be used as a MIDI instrument... You could turn a Tai Chi into an interactive music experience..., or something just to run windows with something other than a mouse or trackpad - I HATE laptop trackpads and tend to use a PS2 controller rigged up as a mouse).  Or it could just be used to measure punch velocity if you're in boxing or martial arts training... aww, now that sounds kinda rad.  Installing a stealth audio or video recording devices is another very ninja, geeky application...

Very cool project, very simple, yet you can endlessly tweak and add to the design to make something that is truly your own.  Thanks for posting this!

best entry i've seen so far!

Kiteman7 years ago
Actually, never mind Ninjas - make these pink and grey and they'd be Emo mittens!
csmiler Kiteman6 years ago
What/who's an emo?
Emo is like an emu, but sadder!
Kiteman csmiler6 years ago
Think Goth Lite
csmiler Kiteman6 years ago
Forgive me for being ignorant...whats the exact definition of goth?people who eat/think/wear black?
itak365 csmiler5 years ago
Sort of. I always use to think that it was some revival of barbarism.
Kiteman csmiler6 years ago
csmiler Kiteman6 years ago
Danny Kiteman7 years ago
no for emo mittens you would need a pouch for a razor blade
Kiteman Danny7 years ago
Huh? Are American Emos different to UK Emos? Ours are sort of "goth-lite" - they smile more and wear pink with the black. Not violent at all.
Mitten Kiteman7 years ago
Our emo kids dont smile that much. Theyre basically teenagers who haven't learned to deal with their angst. And to popular belief they cut their wrists like goth kids do. Thats what danny was referring to, razors to cut themselves. Let the following dispute COMMENCE!
Kiteman Mitten7 years ago
Who's disputing? I teach emos, and they're generally relaxed about their stereotyped image - they told me it keeps away the uber-geeks and the jocks, leaving just "normal" boys to deal with.
Danny Kiteman7 years ago
well, i live in the uk and i have friends who are emo's and usually they are steryotyped to slit there wrists because of derpession but we joke about it and thats all my comment was A JOKE

Kiteman Danny7 years ago
OK, old bean, I get you - you can relax now.
nobody understends me !!!! :'(
Udon nanonano586 years ago
Did you hear about that new emo pizza?
Udon Udon6 years ago
coff coff
Udon Udon6 years ago
It cuts itself.
Udon Udon6 years ago
[drum and cymbal] doodoodo..tchh
 I saw a t-shirt that said "I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself"

kind of along the same lines
gemini045 Udon6 years ago
OH Udon that emo pizza joke is GENIUS (no sarcasm i'm serious)
ilpug Kiteman5 years ago
 i second that.
Yeah, those here don't look very ninja-ish.
poser6 years ago
haha thats kewl ima try that xD
not like it's important or anything, but they were likely trying to shoot for Gauntlets... and aside from making a thumb hole, i'd let the top of the sleeve's opening protrude a little and add a small loop of elastic to hook down on the middle finger like a ring. it'd much more traditional, and it covers more skin that way. makes sense in my head at least. haha
yuckzee6 years ago
i hope thats not a american flag in the background in the first fiew pics



what does thata 222 thing mean?
Umm... Why are these considered ninja mittens? First off, they're not in any way, shape, or form ninja-y. Second, ninja mittens would be black, if they wore them, not two very obvious and brightly contrasting colors. Third... WHAT KIND OF NINJA WOULD WEAR THESE? I think I'll "ask a ninja" that question...
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