Picture of How to Make Nitrocellulose
How to make cheap Nitrocellulose from ping pong balls, black powder, and acetone for use in igniters and detonators.
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Step 1: Mix Acetone and Cut Up Ping Pong Balls

Picture of Mix Acetone and Cut Up Ping Pong Balls
Cut Ping Pong ball into small peices to make them easier to disolve in the acetone. Ping Pong balls themselves are a type of nitrocellulose, acetone will disolve them and make them easy to work with and make it possible to add black powder for a more violent ignition. After the ping pong balls are cut up and in the contianer you are using to mix your ingredients in pour enough acetone to cover the cut up balls and than add that amount again. You don't want it too think and sticky.

Step 2: Add Black Powder

Picture of Add Black Powder
Next add the black powder. Add enough to make the mixture very dark, but don't add enough to make it very thick. Make sure that black powder you are using is very fine and mixed evenly through out the mixture. There you have it, it's done. Now dip you igniters/detonators in it and let dry completely.
For detonator check out http://www.instructables.com/id/EH6Q99985NEPA8L6YC/?ALLSTEPS
manmelvin7 years ago
arnt ping pong balls made of celluloid?
sorry to bring back an old post but celluloid is made of nitrocellulose.
if you add cap gun powder, how do you crush it up without it exploding in your face? i would stick with match powder. what other powder can be used for this?
google0076 years ago
instead of black powder could you put cap gun powder or match head powder in there
haha, didn't know that about ping pong balls. i work in a molecular biology lab and was thinking of nitrocellulose membrane filters. any other everyday items made of that stuff?
Guitar picks are also nitrocellulose.
Instant favorite!