Introduction: How to Make Obama Inauguration Gear Part 1: Shrinky Dinks Necklace:

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Materials Needed:
1. Printable Shrinky Paper
2. Ink Jet Printer
3. Curved, Sharp Scissors
4. Hole Puncher
5. Over / Toaster Over
6. Piece of brown paper to line oven
7. 16.5" of chain
8. 4 jump rings, and a clasp.
9. Needle Nose Pliers
10. Wire Cutters

Step 1: Step 1

Type out your word in a photo editing software. Each letter should be its own layer so that you can move each letter so that they are connected.

Step 2: Step 2

After the lettering is how you want it, insert less shiny, slightly sticky side as the print side into your printer and send to print!

Step 3: Step 3

Use the curved scissors to cut out the words, making sure to cut out all negative space.

Step 4: Step 4

Hole punch a hole on either side of the words. (this is where you'll attach the chain)

Step 5: Step 5

Preheat Over to just under 300 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 6: Step 6

Step 7: Step 7

First, it will curl. If it curls too much on top of itself, take it out and flatten it and place back in over.

Step 8: Step 8

Then it will start to flatten. Once it is all the way flat, keep it in for 30 more seconds, and then its done. Take it out and place a flat object on top of it to press it down for 15 seconds while it cools.

Step 9: Step 9

Spray a few layers of black paint, waiting 15 minutes between each coat. Then coat with clear spray to seal it up.

Step 10: Step 10

Measure 16.5" of chain, and cut in half evenly. Attach jump rings to an end of each piece, and the clasp to one jump ring. Attach the two sides.

Step 11: Step 11

Take the remaining two jump rings and open them with the needle nose pliers. Attach the rings to either side of your lettering and a chain on each side.


okiegirl813 (author)2013-04-16

Blah!! Sorry, but hey at least we still have our freedom of speech.... For now.

bcouncil0 (author)2010-12-14

I just have one question...and I am not being still wearing that necklace now?

Leukloki (author)2010-01-14

Wow :)I  really like your necklace! You can make it say or be anything. I think your really creative, and these people need to go to a forum that discusses political ideals instead of an art thread. DID NOT get anything useful from those 23 extra comments.

lilmrssanders (author)2009-02-01

Where can i get the same photo editing software you used? And how do I tranfer the letters from acidfonts to the P E software?

lilmrssanders (author)2009-01-31

Very cool idea. Funny how people can turn anything into an argument. This instructable was very creative.

Kush_Slayer (author)2009-01-21

can the person who made the instructable delete posts or was my comment considered inappropriate and removed by a mod ?

tornadoboy (author)Kush_Slayer2009-01-27

Give me one solid reason to think he's any better than the last three presidents and I'll stop being cynical about some people's mindless hero worship of of this guy. "Hope" is not a plan, "Change" is not a destination, and having a media that fawns all over you like a slobbering pet dog does not equal greatness. He's got four years to EARN my respect, the clock is ticking.

Kush_Slayer (author)tornadoboy2009-01-27

i have a reason, THERE IS NONE p.s. Change isnt a destination, its what i get at a bank

teamcoltra (author)Kush_Slayer2009-01-22

What content here is "inappropriate" the_butler made a comment about Obama not making any cutting edge speech. Tornadoboy made a funny comment about Kool Aid drinkers... Which doesn't quite violate the "BE NICE" policy. The same policy that keeps me from stating anything further. Have an AWESOME day!

the_butler23 (author)teamcoltra2009-01-22

alright coltra, you tell me one thing that Barry said in that speech that Bush hasn't already said...if you still refuse to listen, then I will direct you to a video that compares his speech to past bush speeches I wasn't violating the "be nice" policy at all, all I did was state fact

teamcoltra (author)the_butler232009-01-22

Butler re-read my comment... I said that no one had made any comments that had need to be removed. >.< I just forgot to put a ? Let me rephrase my comment: What content here is "inappropriate"?!! the_butler made a comment about Obama not making any cutting edge speech. and Tornadoboy made a funny comment about Kool Aid drinkers... Which doesn't quite violate the "BE NICE" policy. The same policy that keeps me from stating anything further. Have an AWESOME day!

Kush_Slayer (author)teamcoltra2009-01-22

my comment about an instructable to make a real gun before he bans it was deleted

skunkbait (author)Kush_Slayer2009-01-26

It may have been misinterpreted as threatening. If the comment was simply about the desire to maintain our 2nd amendment rights, then it should not have been deleted.

Kush_Slayer (author)skunkbait2009-01-26

i can see how someone might misinterpret that(not really) the comment was "aww not a guide to make a semi auto shotgun before he bans them"

skunkbait (author)Kush_Slayer2009-01-27

Sounds reasonable to me. But reason is in short supply:-)

lebowski (author)Kush_Slayer2009-01-21

Only staff and admins can delete posts, not the author of the Instructable.

zengakuren (author)2009-01-25

The Cult of Personality around Obama is frightening. It sounds like what you find when you read about The Cult of Personality surrounding Mao and Stalin.

tornadoboy (author)2009-01-21

Forgot to make a holder for the Cool Aid

SurferGeek (author)tornadoboy2009-01-24


zjharva (author)tornadoboy2009-01-22

best comment yet!

teamcoltra (author)tornadoboy2009-01-21

Funniest. Comment. Today.

teamcoltra (author)teamcoltra2009-01-21

(Truest as well)

ker-boom101 (author)2009-01-20

the inauguration was great! i live in canada and i managed to nag my teacher to the point where we skipped chem and went to the caf where we watched it!

the_butler23 (author)ker-boom1012009-01-21

no, it wasn't....nothing in that inauguration was historic or otherwise...his speech had the same rhetoric as Ex-President Bush...I don't know why people thought it was that great....all it shows is how stupid people really are that they don't even notice things that they've heard for the past 8 years....

ker-boom101 (author)the_butler232009-01-22

well im 14 and that was the first inauguration i've seen.... but i still think even if the speech wasnt new i stll think he presented it really well

painter123 (author)2009-01-21

i made my own t-shirt. my friend and i cut out a stencil from cardboard and then used a stencil paint to spray it on...we had to wear a few thermal shirts under our t-shirts, but it was worth it! we painted the backgroud of the shirt in the american g=flag theme and then stenciled "obama" across it. we stuck out! i got my paint online because i couldnt find anything near my
anyway, it was a good conversation piece!!!

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