Introduction: How to Make Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sodas!

These are just like the ones you used to buy at soda fountains in drugstores!

Step 1: Ingredients.

You will need, Hershey's chocolate syrup,club soda,vanilla ice cream,glass,spoon and straw

Step 2: Hershey's Syrup

Put a liberal amount of chocolate syrup (at least 1/4 of a cup)Into the glass

Step 3: Club Soda

Put about 1 cup of club soda into the glass and stir

Step 4: Ice Cream

Put three scoops of ice cream into the glass and stir

Step 5: Voilà!

These sodas are sooo delicious! Caution if an addiction develops I am not responsible.


morganhillchris (author)2016-08-23

Very nice & clear, thanks!

seamster (author)2016-08-22

Nice! Old fashioned ice cream sodas are some of my absolute favorite things.

A shot of malt flavoring in mine, though, and you've got some tasty happiness! :)

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