How to Make Pajama Pants





Introduction: How to Make Pajama Pants

Learn How to Make Pajama Pants!



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How do u make short pj pants w/ elastic without a sewing machine??

Great job, I want to make my bf a pair for x-mas and it will be my first sewing project since I was a kid. You made it so simple. Thank You.

Awesome and just my speed! Totally inspired thank you bunches!!!

For pants like these that are meant to be wa-a-ay too big, this method is fine - and it its very easy.

If the pants were on so generously over-sized (or if the wearer were not so wonderfully slim), adding a crotch gusset could help the pants fit better through the curvier parts.

they're pajama pants, who cares how they fit. they're supposed to be comfy, and i think she did a really nice job, i can hardly sew but this showed me how to make pants in case i ever need to haha :) all of your videos are great.

Ok, I think it´s a nice way to start but making pants is not that simple, those would never fit right...

that is quite a slack way of making the pants the dont hang right