How to Make Panorama With a GoPro or DSLR





Introduction: How to Make Panorama With a GoPro or DSLR

For this project you need a camera and it is good to have a tripod. To stitch the pictures together I use Photoshop or Windows photo gallery. If you don't have the programs above you can probably find a free program online that can stitch pictures together.

Step 1: Camera Settings

Put your camera view on the widest possible because then you don't need to take so many pictures to get a wide panorama.

Step 2:

When you have mounted your camera on a tripod take a picture and spin the camera around a little bit and take another picture. But don't spin your camera to much because the pictures most overlap each other to be able to get stitched together to one big picture.

Step 3:

Import your pictures to your computer. And open your stitching program move the pictures to the program and wait for the program to be done.

Your finish result is probably something like the picture above so you need to resize it so you don't see the black parts and only the e.g nature.



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    I recommend and use Photoshop but Windows photo gallery is really good to.

    What stitching program did you use/recommend?

    Hope you like this instructable and if you did please vote for it in the photography contest Thanks!