This instructable will teach you how to build 3 simple paper airplanes. I'm not really sure if they have official names but I call them the dart, hornet, and kite. First will be the dart, then the hornet, and then the kite.

Step 1: The Dart

All you will need to make any of these planes is a single piece of paper. To build the dart, first, you will need to fold it in half once lengthwise. Next, unfold it. After, take the upper corner and fold it to the center of the paper. Repeat on the other side. Now, bend the outer tip back to the center. Next, fold it in half. To finish pull the outer edge on top down to line up with the bottom edge. Repeat on other side to finish.
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wierd, i never noticed i didn't know how to build a paper airplane. boo ya first comment
haha luv ur pic!! <br>
very cool
good job
boo ya 3rd comment o and nice instructable
i know what the planes are called, top classical dart, the kite is right, and the finel one is the fast flyer. go to paper air planes garage.com u can make colered and coll planes u print. ya!!!! second comment

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