How to Make Paper Beads


Step 1: Selecting your paper and materials to make the bead

Picture of Selecting your paper and materials to make the bead
First collect the following:

  • A colourful page from a used magazine or an old colourful poster. If you want to make beads of a full colour, you must find a full colour page of poster. For example to get ALL blue beads, pick up a page with photo of the ocean! Vogue and House and Home, or some old teenage music posters are my favorite. The thicker the paper the fatter the bead!
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Needle or toothpick
  • Clear varnish - most clear varnishes from local store will do or nail varnish.
  • Fishing wire/plastic wire or some sort of thread similar width as your needle or toothpick
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So clear nail polish could work? Nice instructable, by the way.
Mzuribeads (author)  bassclarinet234 years ago
yes, but give it a few coats!
Cool, thanks.