Step 2: Measuring and cutting the paper for the bead

Picture of Measuring and cutting the paper for the bead
This is the part where put your paper down on a flat surface and equip yourself with a pen and a long ruler.
Please refer to the RED triangle in the illustration on the vogue page for these instructions:
Use a normal thin ballpoint pen, not a thick marker!
Mark a 2cm point long from the a top corner at (C), and a 1cm point along from the bottom corner at (B). Take your ruler and draw a line from point A to B and C respectively, and you will have drawn a perfect triangle. Continue this routine, until you end up with a zigzaging block of triangles throughout the page.
Cut your triangles neatly out, and discard the uneven one marked blue in the illustration.

Measuring your marks on the paper will determine the shape and size of the bead.
Measuring along at 2cm on a page inside a magazine like Vogue will give you an oval, slim type paper bead like this
If you would like a similar shape of bead but longer or shorter, simply increase or decrease the length to 1.5cm or up to 3.5 or 4cm. Simply half the length of A to C to determine point B.

If you would like a round, fat bead like this
you will have to find paper as thick as a poster or front cover of a magazine, and keep the width of the bead to 1.5 - 2cm ONLY. Alternatively you can attempt to double or triple up your paper strips, but this takes time and skill.

If you would like to leave some text of image on your bead, simply cut off the end of the triangle at the point you wish you keep. But, all these special effects will come to you once you get into it, and start experimenting with different types of paper.

If you would like to make tube type beads, simply replace the triangles with simple rectangular strips, easy!

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acajjou3 years ago
It looks like the links on this step are missing. Can you give us a different picture?