Step 3: Rolling the Paper Bead

Picture of Rolling the Paper Bead
Take your needle, or toothpick. I recommend needle, as the string or thread you string them on (for varnishing) must be equal in width. Starting at the thickest end of the strip, start rolling it tightly around the needle. Using your nails to catch it in at first, ensuring to keep the paper central. Put a dab of glue at the end and press down on it for a few seconds to hold the bead in place. (liquid paper glue works best).
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K.H3 months ago

Ms. Sun Dragon,

Thanks for the suggestion of using a cotter pin. I have been looking for something that is cheap and easily obtainable. I make lots of paper beads and this idea will really accelerate production.

MsSunDragon4 years ago
I have found info and a way to print papers plus this web site also shows how to make a bead roller using the cotter pin. It has pictures of one plus you can also get the directions from them .... web site is .... from there go to the how to button on the dark blue bar at the top and then click on roll beads. Hope this helps those who are interested.

Mz. C. J.
Rolling the paper for these beads is the way they do it in Caring Hands program in Kampala,Uganda, Africa.They do it so well that people at first glance think they are plastic beads made in China but what a expression on their face when you say "These are recycled paper beads" the look is of surprise!!Try some from os at and help change lives in Africa from the slums to decent living and getting the children into schools. Your support would be greatly supported. Thank you & Happy New Year
John & Carole
phoebeh15 years ago
excellent!! I love this idea. I;m gonna do it very soon..I have magazines all over my house. all I need it's the varnish..thanks
sewpoke25 years ago
I did thousands of beads several years ago and  used a thin long cotter pin (like a bobby pin only smaller like a needle)--a lot faster, neater, all around better way to curl the paper.  I also glued a wooden bead around the end to make it easier to  hold.  What I really wanted was someone to come up with a semi-automated way of doing it like with a hand crank or old cassette player or something and a vise?????
dyrkar5 years ago
This technic is also done in Quilling. The Art of Paper curling. There is special tool you can use to curl or roll your paper with. This is a neat idea! I never thought of rolling my own beads out of paper!
Seanex5 years ago
can u make better pictures of how to roll them